Round Leg different sizes
Round Leg Silver SP-LS1019
Round Leg Chrome SP-LS1017
Round Leg Black SP-LS1018
Round Leg different sizesRound Leg Silver SP-LS1019Round Leg Chrome SP-LS1017Round Leg Black SP-LS1018

Round Legs Multiple Sizes



 Item ID  Color   Material Size
 SP-LS1017  Chrome  Iron  H: 710 x D: 60 mm
 SP-LS1018  Black  Iron   H: 710 x D: 60 mm
 SP-LS1019  Silver  Iron   H: 710 x D: 60 mm
 SP-LS1021  Chrome  Iron   H: 710 x D: 80 mm
 SP-LS1022  Chrome  Iron   H: 860 x D: 80 mm
 SP-LS1023  Chrome  Iron   H: 1100 x D: 80 mm


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